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Project: Door of Return Monument

Client: Ghana Museums and Monuments Board/ Accompong                Maroons, Maroon State, Jamaica         

Designation: Fort Kormantin, Ghana/ Accompong, Jamaica

The Door of Return is a monument that seeks to symbolise the spiritual and physical return of Africans from the Diaspora back to the continent. The monument has been conceptualised as a vehicle to reverse the “The Door of No Return”, the portal through which Africans were taken from slave castles, through the Middle Passage and onwards to the Americas. 

The monument is based on the Adinkra symbols Sankofa and Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan, motifs that reflect the African’s resistance to capture and enslavement as well as the triumph and emancipation of the African.

The Door of Return will be inaugurated with monuments erected in Accompong, Jamaica and Fort Kormatin, Ghana.



Fort Kormantin, Ghana/ Accompong, Jamaica

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